Client Testimonials

“Since getting news and info from SAGE, I have learned how to get healthy discounts, especially on my birthday and for my age group.”

- Gabe R.


Savvy Adults  Gaining enlightenment

“My deductibles were killing me, so the SAGE team reviewed my needs and offered a comparison which gave me choices on how to save thousands on insurance premiums, and also on my share of costs.”

- Alex E.

“The SAGE team saved me hundreds! My medical bills and insurance statements did not make sense, so they reviewed my benefits and bills and found errors that saved me hundreds of dollars.”

- Phyllis N.

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How S.A.G.E. can help

Do you need help with medical bills?

  • We negotiate Medical Bills, Claims, Grievances and Appeals. We also review your current bills to see if you are being over charged. We  also provide referrals to individuals for arbitration and/or mediation. S.A.G.E.  helps save our members time and money!

Do you need help understanding your current benefits or choosing a new plan?​

  • We have professionals ready to assist you in understanding and explaining your current benefits and how to get the most out of your medical plan.  Not happy with your current plan? No problem we can also  review all of your benefits needs, treatment plans, Medications, Doctor and Hospital Network issues in order to assist you in obtaining the perfect new plan!


Do you need help find your preferred Doctors or Hospitals?

  • We can help you find the perfect Plans and Networks to allow you to keep your Doctors and Hospitals.

What else does S.A.G.E. offer?​

  • We offer quarterly newsletters and update on Health Care Matters. 
  • We have Birthday "Freebies"​ offered by local retailers

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